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Welcome to the world of TC Instruments Surgical Co., The manufactures of Surgical & Dental Instruments. We are specialized in Manufacturers & Exporters of Surgical, Dental, ENT Instruments & Scissors of all Sorts, Specialist of Tungsten Carbide Instruments of all sorts. In TC INSTRUMENTS SURGICAL CO we are not just committed to the manufacturing but we are committed to attain full satisfaction of our customers by providing them with high-class quality products. That's why we have vision of attaining customer full satisfaction through quality, honesty and fairness. Our skilled work force, expert engineers, mechanist and technical staff are always here to provide our valuable customers with full services all the time higher than their expectations. Our people always put their heads together as to give our customers quality products that will benefit our customer tomorrow. Whatever your requirements and problems are, we are here to serve you and provide you with the solutions in the form of our products and services that will not only solve your problem but always prevent you from being victim of it in future. That's why we always say please feel free to contact us.

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